Haiku 2

Four sides all the same
Equal corners all alike
One side of a cube.

The next one might have to become my permanent “artist’s statement”:

Cut up many squares
Sew the many into one
It’s just what I do.

What can I say? it’s just true.

Unlike the haiku
The square’s the same all around,
And not round at all.

Say not about the square:
What goes around comes around.
It turns a corner.

The natural box
Contains my thoughts and ideas
Let them out again.

Squares loose in the wild
Pretend to be rectangles
Stretch and pull their sides.

Some think squares unhip
But I have known them too long.
They fill my whole world.

Turning into home
Hit from behind by other
Only mailbox hurt.

What was once a lawn
now causes my neighbors pain
I promise to mow.

I prefer meadows
but meadows give way to trees.
So I must mow now.

Over the tall grass
Queen Ann’s Lace and daisies bloom
Blue skies, birds singing.

The neighbors worry
as they watch my yard growing.
Will she ever mow?

Once upon a time
there was a backyard here.
Now it’s wilderness. (alt: Now it’s just overgrown)

My lawn, if bigger
would not be so worrisome.
Bring in the hayers.

From a mental floss haiku contest 9/2/11: “tell(s) us the most amazing fact in haiku form”

Finnish shouting men
shout out national anthems
inner tube neckties

Oxford word challenge: use #haiku to tell us about the weather where you are. We’ll RT the best haikus. Ready, steady, go!

February cold
Sky bright blue, very sunny
No snow this winter

Winter without snow
Yesterday I sat in sun
Went in when sun did.

Sky and sun are bright
Warm? February confused
No snow but crocus.

This small patch of sun
Holds a moment’s warmth for me
Then February.

When March blizzards come
We’ll remember today’s warmth
as winter’s kindness.

There’s also Chuck Norris Haiku, theme of the last National Poetry Month Haiku Slam in Azeroth

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