The Cat Cam

If Schrodinger had had a webcam he would have the same problem. Cat or no cat?

This webcam works by using a software-based motion sensor. A cat jumps up, the motion sensor detects it and snaps a photo. Maybe a couple of photos while the cat gets comfy, looks out the window etc.

But then, the dilemma. The cat stands up. Another photo. The cat jumps down. Another photo. So the last image taken is – no cat. But there was a cat just prior to that last image.

There’s good news though for you doubters. The webcam software lets me keep some photos prior to the current one. I have it set to keep the last ten photos. So, it’s possible that one of those earlier photos will reveal a cat. Try one of these:

CatCam is currently coming to you via a Logitech C615 webcam using Evocam software.

As an extra bonus: a catscan.

And sometimes you catch something else entirely on the cat cam!

3 Responses to The Cat Cam

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  2. AJ says:

    Who’s that in the April 17 Cat Cam photo? I don’t think we’ve been introduced. Noel and Miranda send regards to the wondrous felines of the house! And Donna and I to you. And vice versa.

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