Haiku 4

XVIIII. Mage Haiku
The warrior laughed
at the mage’s fine haiku.
thus, was he ported.

XIX. Mage Haiku
Shaman whined, ‘Haiku?’
Mage said, ‘Travel alone then.’
Then, absence of mage.

Afternoon ahead
stretches with many options
First I’ll sip my tea.

A block of sharp cheese
Some crackers, salty and crisp
to stave off dinner.

The phone is ringing.
The voice inhuman goes on.
Hang up, but on whom?

no rhyme? no problem
no rhythm? no worries there.
Just write it all down.

(My response to @neilhimself who wrote: Tried to write a funny tweet that rhymed about sending Roller Derby TeamUSA to the White House t.co/595OH1wN #worldpoetrydayfail )

The afternoon is weighted,
awaiting a sign.

words emerging black
from keyboard to open screen
today’s blank white sheet.

Fingers pause while brain
rummages for what comes next
then blurts out to screen.

Time to do something
that isn’t just pretending
To do something else.

Evening darkly
creeping tucks into corners
all quiets and stills.

that rare time of year
moment of air perfection
we’re one with the sky.

If I sleep and dream
I hope it is of you, love
coming to meet me.

One, someone like me,
on the world’s other side,
is writing a poem.

I look at the sky
thinking of those who stand
looking at the sky.

Looking up, we know
we gaze together; we share
this sun, blue, night, stars.

Imagine a sky
Flashing with words, beats and rhymes
World Poetry Day

Midnight sits near by
syllables and I are spent
writing done, sleep well.

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