Haiku Day 2013

practice some kindness
practice daily kindnesses
practice compassion

a day to do good
to let good overcome fear
practice compassion.

the cat offers me
fuzzy ears, bristly whiskers
and his furry tum.

there is much purring
cats settling for the night
who’ll curl together.

what spring brings to us
who long waited its coming:
renewed lease on hope

whether grey or bright
daffodils shine as you pass
shouting, spring! it’s come!

daily, weekly tasks
vaporize and reappear
done, undone, redone

jonquils and sunshine
bobbing in the april breeze
glad to delight you.

human-designed spring
no doubt sooner and longer
not at all better

Cord, recently seen,
cable, accident’ly found
whither has thou gone?

looked in all the places
an errant cable would hide
it’s on vacation?

today, haiku day
my brain, in fives and sevens,
converts all to words.

why write a haiku
when the syllables are few?
for the clarity!

haiku short and sweet
no matter what the subject
sparkle and condense.

when is dinner? soon?
poets less ethereal
need some sustenance.

A break then for food
and return re-energized
and ready to write!

Shame on you, Senate
for disregarding duty
to favor lobbies.

You were elected
to represent your home folk
not the N.R.A.

The president, terse,
spits out the reality:
cash outweighs voters.

We’re disenfranchised.
we demand your attention:
Do the right thing now!

poems in your pocket
will I be brave and offer
it’s the day for it!

what poem will you choose?
i offer frost or sandburg.
take it: poetry.

Haiku, accepted
as seventeen syllables
five, seven and five

The end of haiku
for the day, just for the day
many to follow.

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