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What to read? What to read?

Mom and I like to order from Dover Books now and again. Often she’ll want coloring books, bookmarks and such and I’ll look through the catalogue and fill in the order with things to give us free shipping or use … Continue reading

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Up at the crack of dark to go to work, after a night when the kittens just wouldn’t quit… Had a nice reward after I got to the mall: iPhone X* launch of course so no one was in the … Continue reading

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She Wins!

This morning my phone indicated a call from Williamstown and the nice voice said I’d won three books. One was particularly exciting but I can’t say what it is because it’s –ahem– my first holiday gift for 2017. So here … Continue reading

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You Can Pretend Not to Know Me

What’s that you say? Oh, YAMT, you say? Continue reading

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Billsville Book Sale

Also known as the huge annual book sale which benefits the Milne Library in Williamstown. Yeah yeah yeah, I know I didn’t need any books. Need… want… books… Books that followed me home and why. From The Elements of Lettering, … Continue reading

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