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Sunday Off

I had breakfast and then drove home the long way through Chatham, enjoying the sun even if it was in the teens. Felt warmer. Stopped for gas at the Stewarts in Chatham and cleaned my windshields and put the end … Continue reading

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The inner game

Forget shoulds and experience is. — W. Timothy Gallwey Great letter from Sara Genn about the inner game of art. Let your muscle memory do the technical heavy lifting. Think of your practiced, mastered skills as an insurance policy against … Continue reading

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Back to Work

There’s always a little pause after NaNoWriMo during which the desire to keep writing (even not at that pace) is overwhelmed by fatigue and the rushing stress that is December and the holidays. Some of that fatigue was also being … Continue reading

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True is True

I have never regretted having a laser printer. #thatisall #geekystuff

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World AIDS day 2017

We did some talking about World AIDS day today, specificially about Product RED and the impact it makes on AIDS in Africa. It was an almost cheery video. I looked behind me and all my young(er) co-workers… many at the … Continue reading

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