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Weird Memories Found

I have a weird childhood memory of going on a picnic with the Frezon grandparents and, no doubt, Aunt Marie and that we were in dark woods and at, not a stream, but a spillway. And over the years I’ve … Continue reading

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Wildlife seen en route

Saw this fellow, a yearling button buck today and he reminded me of the one that walked across I-90 Sunday night, slowing me to about 40 and slowing the three lanes of traffic behind me. I always wonder if the … Continue reading

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Out Looking Around This Morning

My intention was to get up early, grab a coffee and go out and paint. The night-spirit was good intentioned but the morning-spirit was not so fast moving. I did get up and grab a coffee but by the time … Continue reading

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Tuesday out and around   

I took the long way back home this morning, enjoying the quiet road and the bright sun. There, a view was worth pulling over for got me taking photos and tonight I started this, but it has to dry.

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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-three

top step creaks with frost •
Morning, child fog expanding •
gold floods the hillside. Continue reading

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