who’s that cool cat in the hoodie?

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First off – about 85°F so nobody was cool.

A co-worker got this cat hoodie and posted a picture of his cat and himself and thought it would be really fun to get as many of us cat-folks at work to take a pic of our own for a group album. I had good intentions of taking a photo of each of my four wearing the hoodie. When I got it onto Deirdre (and she did not bite me!) suddenly there were no other cats to be seen. So here’s my photo.

Deirdre and Mad Dog

From the quote box

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Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it. — T.S. Eliot

Ice Bucket Challenge

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I got it – the ice bucket challenge from Grace and Hugh. I’ve been admiring some of the takes on this idea, especially Sir Patrick Stewart, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

I’m challenging @nanowrimo, @cdss.org and @mike.frezon and all you #gnome-lovers out there! And don’t forget to donate because that’s what it’s all about!

Not sure how that happened…

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but here are days 30 and 31. Wonder how many of them got to their destination?

The Mysterious Number 28

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Where did number 28 go? Into the mailbox for sure but not here:

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