This morning’s surprise

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The secret

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We dance round in a ring and suppose,/But the secret sits in the middle, and knows. — Robert Frost

Campaign Money

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Not campaign financing exactly, but an attempt to inject politics into everyday transaction. I was surprised yesterday to see that it wasn’t the ubiquitous “Where’s George?” stamped on my five dollar bill, but this. Bad enough that it’s on both sides but they also crossed out the Federal Reserve seal with a magic marker. That seems rather excessive. I think I’ll turn it in at a bank and see what they say.

The other option re stash:

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Cut it all up

Still rummaging

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I took out one cubbie of fabric tonight looking to see what might strike me and if I could get rid of anything. Did make a small pile of “had this too long and why?” and enjoyed some of the finds. Also lined up these three little pieces which are normally clipped to different parts of the wall and enjoyed them side by side. The one at the left is about eight inches square.

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