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Monday, off and not so bad

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Went to PT this morning, and when the therapist asked me how I was doing, I turned my back to her and put my hands, palms out, in the small of my back.

“Show off!”

“OK then, how do you like this?” I asked, crossing my arms across the front of me in a very back-off sort of way. I’m going to use that to reclaim my personal space and hopefully keep people from grabbing and hitting my shoulders. Seriously.

Anyway, she was quite pleased, added weight to more of what I’ve been doing, increased me a notch in the stretchy band dept (and when I told her they’d started me with a green band in the other place she was like, no wonder you were so hurting!) and suggested I try going without icing afterwards.

So after a week or so of serious muttering about all this, feels like a little progress.

Rant of the blogging variety

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I wore my NaNoWriMo shirt today in part because it was one of the few short-sleeved shirts in my drawer and in part to psyche me up to go the the Albany NNWM meet up tonight. Which I did! Had a nice little dinner, met a couple new people, did some sprints (we alternated twenty minutes of writing with twenty minutes of chatter) and had an all around comfortable fun night. Thanks everyone!

My neighbor raised the topic of publishers wanting writers to have blogs, and what that should look like and what about the required social media. After the topic started to move away I turned to my neighbor who had raised this subject and –yeah I know you’ll be shocked– had a small rant about it.

I told her that what I see is a whole bevy of people who hear – must tweet, must facebook, must blog – in order to demonstrate to potential publishers they have a following. What they do is collect a whole bevy of people who also want to demonstrate to potential publishers that they blog, facebook, tweet and have followers. This evolves into re-tweeting, guest-writing on other blogs, sharing facebook posts…

Listen, I said. As a long time blogger I urge you to think about what blogs you really look forward to reading. Myself, I want to know more about the person who’s blogging/tweeting/facebooking. What did they read that was interesting? What did they do today? What happened to them? What caught their eye? Are they working? How do they feel about it? If it’s a writer and they tweet that they’re driving cross country and writing as they go, I want to know more about the trip. If they write about their process, I’m interested in reading what they come up with. What can I learn from them? Maybe they’re a painter and they write about how it was a joy to get going on a new project today or that they figured out something about an old project. Maybe they decided to try something new and talk about how that came about and what it was like. That helps me with my process too.

Listen, I said. Write about YOU in your blog and everywhere else. Not big swatches of your work but maybe an occasional paragraph that you are proud of or something that helped you get back on track. Or why you got more done today than yesterday. Tell me about yourself and your work. Tell me about the song lyric that’s stuck in your head.

OK, sorry for the small rant, I said, climbing off my soapbox.

Tricks your mind plays

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Yeah this was trending on FB but my brain (ok a pretty tired brain) made it into swarms of earthworms which made a whole lot more sense to me.


My mind’s eye went right away to what a really impressive swarm six hundred earthworms would be. Huge!

My current reading

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Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, 50th Anniversary Edition.

Pages 1 through 74, a lot of very small text on every single page. After that, plates and commentary that go with pages 1 through 74.

Josef Albers Interaction of Color

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