The weekend report

Friday on the way home from work I stopped and did a small amount of grocery shopping. When vegetables show up magically at work (via Field Goods) you just need to throw in some other stuff to the mix to make it all work. I surprised and amazed the check out guy by paying with Apple Pay and then I was homeward bound.

And, after the week I’d had at work, I stayed at home! I did a little sewing Friday night and then got to a point in the quilting project that I had to re-organize and break things into more manageable to handle groups. Felt like starting over but really it was the middle third that I was starting. And I got a ways into it yesterday and did more today. Today I hit the halfway point for the first round of sewing things together, which equates to about a quarter of the piecing, total.

Last night after I couldn’t sew anymore I tucked myself into bed and cracked open the computer. I’ve been tussling with the NaNoWriMo tale, uncertain how to tell this part of the story, unclear as to exactly what might happen. Well, apparently my brain had worked out what to do. I stayed up WAY too late writing. Not fiddling around, but actually writing. When the writing was done I was WAY wide awake.

I didn’t look at the writing until tonight, and frankly I wondered if it would be any good at all (did I mention how late I stayed up?). Today I sewed more. It’s just a slow tedious process. If it was squares, I’d be done already. That’s all I’m saying. But getting a chance to see a hunk of it sewn together, I can report that I like it.

Got to watch some Frank Capra movies while I sewed and ironed, sewed and ironed. That was good. Love me some Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart (not in the same movie).

Toodled off to NaNoWriMo writing group, although I was tired. Sat down and read what I’d written last night and hmmm it was pretty darn good. Made a couple corrections and added some more to it, so that was all positive. Left early because, well you know, tired. Get in the car and turn on the radio and, what are the chances?

There, on the radio, for my personal listening enjoyment, the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing Mendelssohn’s Incidental Music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Amazing. If you know what my NaNoWriMo is about you’ll find the amazement too. You too can enjoy said wonderful performance by going here for on demand listening.

I confess to flashing to the movie Dead Poet’s Society and the last speech of Puck, and here it came with another voice on the radio and then it was all over.

Now it’s time for a sip of port and some serious sleeping.

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The good news of the week

My new iron(s) arrived! Yes, one and a spare.


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Tear-duct washing free with video

I have cried my way through every listening of this interview between Maurice Sendak and Terry Gross. Then this turns up in my daily view of things: An Illustrated Interview With Maurice Sendak. The images and music are very gentle and don’t take away anything from the spoken words.

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BBEdit, You’re the Best!

I’m flailing around trying to get this scene, this important plot point done in my NaNoWriMo story. I have a pretty clear idea, ok, really just a pretty fuzzy idea of what’s going to happen and it’s not going very well. I’m progressing rather glacially. Like a few sentences or paragraphs at a time.

Today at lunch I did make some progress but I thought about bringing a minor character back in so I went back looking for a reminder of how he was described and just to re-read the conversation between my main and him. I did what any normal being would do – I did a search for the character’s name. I went back up through the file looking at instances where his name appeared.

Then I pondered a bit on the story and then I got distracted by this:

Click on the photo to see a better view of what was going on. I added the red arrows to help you see. That’s the right edge of my BBEdit window over by the scroll bar. See those little red lines that the arrows are pointing at? Those are instances of the name I searched for. If I clicked on one or near one of those lines – BLAM! – there was an instance of the name.

Suddenly I didn’t care so much about my piddly advances in the story because I’m a total geek and love finding a new feature in software that is both über cool AND useful.

BBEdit. Because it doesn’t suck.

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