When you look into their eyes

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Via Bad Girl Chats today:

“Black Cat“

as if awakened, she turns her face to yours;
and with a shock, you see yourself, tiny,
inside the golden amber of her eyeballs
suspended, like a prehistoric fly.

— Rainer Marie Rilke

Fix of the Cumberbatch and Freeman variety

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In case you’re pining for the fjiords and Benedict and Martin…

Moment of fame

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A photo of a funny sign that I replied to, including Cory Doctorow got retweeted by him and David Crosby (yes THE David Crosby). My email doth overfloweth.


The storm’s aftermath

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Lots of storms went through today, the Kinderhook is past high spring levels and is dark and muddy.


Since the storms came through last night, the rain gauge says we had about two and a half inches of rain. While I was looking around the front garden, everything was hung with big raindrops and I found this hidey hole made by a spider amongst the hosta leaves.

Also, dear diary, I saw a cumberbatch-ian look alike today at work and he was a super cute long slim drink of water and just as nice as I imagined the real deal to be. Odd that several of my co-workers made a point of making sure I saw him, LOL

Life’s Burdens

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From the July 28th entry, A Calendar of Wisdom, by Leo Tolstoy:

I have a burden on my soul. During all my long life, I did not make anyone happy, neither my friends, nor my family, nor even myself. I have done many evil things….I was the cause of the beginning of three big wars. Abut 800,000 people were killed because of me on the battlefields and their mothers, brothers, and widows cried for them. And now this stands between me and God. — Otto Von Bismarck

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