Earth Day 2014

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I remember some of the original Earth Day. I don’t remember exactly but I would guess that about that time there was a several week class or seminar that was held in a local church about environmental awareness and there was a lot of coverage in the local news. My family was interviewed for the paper about my Dad using a manual push mower to mow the lawn and we had participated in a research project to measure pollution using a small collection device mounted in our yard.

There was a lot of awareness building and peer pressure to pick up trash and reduce and reuse.

Does it seem like we’re still fighting that uphill fight? I wish transportation would be more energy efficient. I would have guessed by now I wouldn’t be using gas or using a mere fraction of what I use in this supposedly efficient car. When I travel the roads are lined with trash, although civic-minded people sign up to clean it all up from time to time. Corporations still try to get away with stuff until someone convinces the government to put an end to it.

There are some companies that try hard to do the right thing and that makes us feel good. How do we do more?

audio fellowship of the rings

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I am surprised as I’m listening to the fellowship of the rings how often my brain goes to Lotro maps rather than the movie.

Day 22, NaPoWriMo

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Today’s prompt urged us to write something for children, in the style of a nursery rhyme or a favorite children’s poet. When I finally sat down to write (having been caught long at the council of the fellowship in Rivendell tonight) two cats immediately began nudging me, one at each elbow.

I don’t have time for two nudging cats
a cat at every elbow.
Miaow! cries one, the older queen
Purrrt mutters the other, the underling.

Go ‘way! says I, I’m trying to work
I love you both very much
MEEEow! sings one, a big brother
Ooow! joins the black little sister.

Please, I beg, one little moment
This thing I just need to do
oooh-oooh! chirps one as he jumps up
Me-me! says the black little sister.

There’s no getting work done I see now
a cat at every elbow.
There’s purring and calling and mewling
until each ear has been scritched.

When they finally curl up to sleep
I might at last have some peace
their furry selves so close up to me
and a cat nap sits a top my head.

Oh silly Helpful Cats!

Day 21, NaPoWriMo: Late night east b’jesus.

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Too cloudy for the Lyrid meteors but there was something a-rustle when I stuck my nose outside.

I put down my needle and went outside
hoping to see the lyrids falling down
but the stars were hiding behind some clouds
and only the darkness was pulled round
From down the road a bird sang out
a few notes of its daytime song
from sleep, from where it perched
to spend the night. A dream?
Calling for its love? I go inside.
No more stitching for me tonight.

Trying an old-fashioned pen

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Rich brought me a prezzie from Williamsburg and I couldn’t wait to mix up the ink and give it a whirl. Thanks Rich!!

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