Some Wednesday Haiku

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couch on the shoulder**
four legs each wanting to go
a different direction

furniture sitting
abandoned by the roadside
where was it going?

a chair and pillow
grass lapping around the legs
an easy summer

**alternately, road’s edge

The Light in the Sky

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After reading the Sunday funnies, I went right to the birthday horoscope:

That bit at the top of the right column is for Virgo also, today’s view.

After a marvelous dinner with Mom, which we were so busy eating that I failed to take any photos, it was some chatting and then dessert. Mine is the one with two cherries because Mom likes me.

On the way home, at last there was a big light in the sky. Last night’s moon might have been fuller but this one was just beautiful.

Activism by Artists

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Accidental Haiku, now with Haiku!

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Last night apparently my counting skills weren’t all they could have been. So for those who wonder if I ever edit/rewrite anything:

Found while messaging
an accidental haiku
look! there’s seventeen!

Found in a message,
conversational haiku
funny accidents

though accidental —
even without some context —
unconscious haiku.

Accidental Haiku

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Yes, it does happen sometimes. I’m messaging with someone or even talking, and I count on my fingers and sure enough: seventeen syllables. The first one below snuck into a conversation that had begun with a mention of laundry. I posted three responses and then… yup, accidental haiku.

woot! all good clean fun
maybe a little wrinkled
and a missing sock

accidental haiku
what happens when messaging
and it’s seventeen

accidental haiku
discovered in a message
always make me laugh

even accidental —
even without some context —
unconscious haiku

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