Mordor, and Deserts, Mountains, the Anduin, and the Sea. Oh my!

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We left our wonderful farmstay accomodations this morning, tucking away some fine muffins, wonderful cheddar and blueberries.

Off we went traveling and before you know it, we’d gotten to Lake Taupo which was hiding its blueness under a haze along with hiding the peaks behind it. Had a lovely lunch overlooking the water. Had my moment of asking for something and finding out my word didn’t quite register off the bat. I asked apologetically for “silverware” and after a moment of puzzled look, “ah, you want cutlery?” Yes please. What a hoot.

Then it was off around the edges of the lake and winding our way towards…


Although we did not spot any orcs at all — good job everyone! — we did spot some fantastic alpine flora and a whole lot of impressive rocks and eventually, further up the road a ski area with a bunch of trekkers. Later we followed a

It was good

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we saw this on the way TO The Green Dragon, otherwise I would have said it was the fine stout playing tricks with my eyes…

The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. – Haldir, The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien

Busy Day in MIddle Earth

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Went to Waitomo Caves this morning – took the basic tour to see a small part of the caves and glow worms. Impressive amount of care used to give minimum amount of lighting necessary for taking groups of people through an otherwise pitch dark cave, up and down stairs. It was very very quiet mostly (small groups of people travelling around) and ended with a boat ride with many glow worms overhead. That was astonishing to see – it looked like stars in a dark sky with clouds or fireflies (non-blinking) perched in trees overhead but it was many many glowworms. Beautiful. There were no photos allowed inside the caves so google it my friends and look at the wonderful sights to be seen via photos taken by others.

Then it was a dash across the island towards Hobbiton. What to say – HOBBITON!

And finally, Day Two’s Sunset.

Sunset 3 March 2015

Things seen today

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A beautiful sunrise and then this:


A change of view

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It was like this yesterday in downtown Brainard.

And the view from above today:

To make up for this, the flight to LAX was about 90F…

Everything has gone smoothly except for my phone deciding it wanted to sync to my laptop last night which wiped out a whole lotta stuff and I decided it was faster to drive home and restore from back up on my home computer. LOL First World Problems!

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