Doing the Work

I ordered some buttons to share with people today and I did this. And some wash. And I filled my big sugar canister. And had eggs for breakfast. And I looked at lots of reports and photos from yesterday’s #womensmarch

and I saw this quote go by and added it to the quote box:

I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go. — Langston Hughes

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Proud and Humbled

I am at work today. I am with -in spirit- my friends across the world who are marching with thousands of other folks – for women’s rights, for justice and equality for everyone. I’ve said numerous times in the past few years ‘I didn’t live through the seventies so stuff like this could happen!’ usually in regards to discrimination or stereotyping. I think we’d all like to think that the world has come aways since the sixties but I know deep down that we have to admit that it hasn’t come very far at all.

Seeing all the faces, some clad in the new symbol of our age – that pink pussy hat, showing off their signs, being interviewed, standing in the masses – it’s all making me weepy. It’s so important to do this, to stand up and say no to the status quo and then to take that strength from being part of those masses and apply it every day. To demand respect and fair treatment from others. To stand up for others who need your strength.

Let’s do this so completely we don’t have to think a generation or two from now – we didn’t march for nothing.

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Twitter anyone?

I am always looking to see what User Number people are when they’re on Twitter. I got in fairly early, March 2007, just as the membership curve leapt upward and I’m perhaps unjustifiably proud that my Twitter number is 2,720,811 and that I know a few people with numbers quite a bit lower than mine.

Having said all that, I suddenly wondered today – what about my follow of @WhiteHouse? I had read that our new prez was going to continue under his own account @realdonaldtrump (Twitter number 25,073,877, member since March 2009). Huh. For the record I don’t follow @realdonaldtrump although I have the search for him on speed dial so as to verify various issuances.

Somewhere just now I read that Mr. Obama had returned to his own Twitter account so I went over to follow that. Of course I had to check out his number:

I knew I liked him!

The answer to my question is that the White House account was apparently closed and re-created, clearing the decks of followers etc.

So there you go. All and more than you needed to know about the pecking order of Twitter. For the record I re-upped following @WhiteHouse. Seems to be a more official set of tweets so far, coming from a web-based client. The Don tweets from a droid.

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Why Poetry, Why Now

A great nation should make great poetry. Like so many artists and musicians and writers and poets before him—and so many that came after him—Robert Frost wasn’t afraid to say his piece or speak truth to power. He wasn’t afraid to tell what was on his mind. He wasn’t held back by convention or what was considered normal or acceptable. And that is an incredible power, an incredible resource. And we’re seeing that power all across the world today. That’s what challenges us. That’s what pushes us to be better, to be more faithful to the sense of humanity that so often can be lost in the experiences of our daily lives. — President Barack Obama

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Helpful Life Hints: How To Respond To Art You Don’t Like

I think anyone who has ever made anything has had someone, sometime, make some flip, off-handedly bashing comment about it. Not always to the maker directly, not even considering that they or someone they know might be nearby to hear it. It just spurts forth into the ether.

You might recall the summer’s incident where a viewer couldn’t just walk past a piece of art she didn’t like but complained and set off a chain of events where the exhibited quilt got pulled and then another one by the same maker got pulled etc etc. Outrage on one side and stupidity on the other ensued. Oops did I say that out loud? Sure did.

Anyway, here’s a helpful list of things you might need if you find yourself reacting in more negative ways to some piece of art. This reminds me of a book I have read Pictures & Tears by James Elkins. Most of my readers don’t need this reminder but maybe we need the information to hand out as needed.

You are not meant to like everything you experience. Art is often intended to be challenging, shocking, eye opening or outright uncomfortable.

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