And on Monday

I can’t say I rested since I came home and cooked up all kinds of things – green beans, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, plus dinner for me tonight and washed up some cherries and had some iced tea and now something involving minty ice cubes.

After my culinary whirlwind, I went upstairs and figured out how much fabric I needed for a back. Not so bad, about 3 yards (which is the easy way to do it and quite generous). The first piece of fabric I picked up had about 5 yards of fabric which would be plenty for both backing, facings and sleeves. It would be a forgiving fabric in terms of backing – my other option is black. I have lots and lots of black fabric.

Then, of course, thread:

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A Long Long Sunday

Sometime this afternoon, I stuck a silver marking pencil in my hair to pin it up. It worked. I found it when I went to comb out my hair, pre-shower.

Also sometime today I listened to so much Lord of the Rings that my brain started to finish sentences with a random selection of “in Khazad-dûm” or “in Mordor, where the Shadows lie” (or alternatively: “In Mordor, where the shadows are”).

The world is grey, the mountains old,
The forge’s fire is ashen-cold;
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:
The darkness dwells in Durin’s halls;
The shadow lies upon his tomb
In Moria, in Khazad-dûm.
But still the sunken stars appear
In dark and windless Mirrormere;
There lies his crown in water deep,
Till Durin wakes again from sleep.

Gil-galad was an Elven-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
The last whose realm was fair and free
Between the mountains and the sea.

His sword was long, his lance was keen.
His shining helm afar was seen.
The countless stars of heaven’s field
Were mirrored in his silver shield.

But long ago he rode away,
And where he dwelleth none can say.
For into darkness fell his star;
In Mordor, where the shadows are.

From The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

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The Last Seam?

Done and done. Ironed. 

Now a shower and dinner and anything other than involving an iron. 

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The Tradition of Tea and Iced Tea

Those who know need no commentary.

Needed a break to recover from taking leave of Lothlorien…

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Unknown Celebrity Sighting

Also this week:

At work there was a very tall, slender woman dressed to maximize her height and slimness and the whole effect was just a bare notch over the top. She smacked of ‘somebody’ but I certainly didn’t know who and none of my young co-workers seemed to be buzzing about her presence.

At last several teenage girls came in and were seen whispering to each other and trying not to point. Ah ha, I thought, she must actually be someone. and indeed they finally gathered up the courage to go over and tell the anonymous celebrity just how awesome they thought she was and how excited they were to meet her.

Then, like Brigadoon, all of them vanished.

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