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 and threads. Last night and today and many days and nights ahead. 


A few stray haiku

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From the fun side project:

last night my own work
flowed so easily and free
but now wanting sleep.

we met the deadline
the office strangely quiet
waiting for the next.

Lominger card sort
it aint happening for me
I am what I am

Off for two days after working seven… that’s all I’m sayin’

How can you…

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Weak as the winter sun, we enter life on earth
Names and religion come just after date of birth
Then everybody gets a tongue to speak
And everyone hears an inner voice
A day at the end of the week
To wonder and rejoice
If the answer is infinite light, why do we sleep in the dark?

How Can You Live in the Northeast? ©2006 Words by Paul Simon, Music by Paul Simon and Brian Eno

From the Quote Box

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The artist is the only one who knows that the world is a subjective creation, that there is a choice to be made, a selection of elements. — Anais Nin

Word smithing, JT style

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strangely, when I added Mud Slide Slim to my phone’s playlist, I knew all the words, all the harmonies and remembered a time when I knew the guitar parts…

I’m thinking about a broken heart, I’m talking ’bout the break of dawn,
you love me while I’m here and you can miss me when I’m gone.
Sweet misunderstanding, won’t you leave a poor boy alone,
I’m the one eyed seed of a tumbleweed in the belly of a rolling stone.
Back on the highway, yeah, yeah, yeah, back on the road again.

Here I am again, Holiday Inn, same old four walls again.
Gee, but it’s fine to be back home again, whoa, now.
Said, Holiday Inn, I’m on the road again.

James Taylor “Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon” (1971)

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