Day 17, NaPoWriMo – Haiku Day

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I heard you all yawn. There have been quite a number of haiku this month already but how could I not do haiku today, for National Haiku Day? You knew that already. So without further ado…

spring slipping out
of the shadow of winter
in spring’s shadow hid

when the night brought snow
we watched so unbelieving
hope of spring shaken

a month of words found
to joy, to sorrow, to life
to savor and hug.

a walk in the words
wild side and homey pathway
revealing vistas.

Day 16, NaPoWriMo

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The last two days I’ve had few words. I will report that I started listening to the first book of Lord of the Rings and it is FABulous!

In April snow fell
on a night cold and windy
the morning was white.

The shiny new snow
on an unexpected day
made the sky more blue.

An April commute
A black and white flash and dip
Ancient woodpecker.

Tax and Snow Man Cometh

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That’s right just a few posts ago… first daffodil photo of the year. But at midnight, those daffodils are having a cold night and those peepers are holed up somewhere hopefully with someone nice they met last night.

Tax Day Snow 3

Tax Day Snow 2

Tax Day Snow

Day 15, NaPoWriMo

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The taxman came and went, the snow came, the wind blew and blows yet… quite the April fifteenth.

I’m about 8 minutes from the end of The Power of Myth and what a ride. I want to grasp phrase after phrase of what is said. I’m adding both Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers to my mythical dinner table. That’s the one with Beethoven and other people I’d love to spend some time with.

In any case, while my mind has been racing alongside these two guys, my fingers have been flying along with my quilting project. To look at my fingers it’s more like being dragged along behind it a mile or two. And oops then it’s time to think about poor NaPoWriMo for a few. It’s sad to me that writing and quilting don’t seem able to lie comfortably side by side. Maybe in my next life LOL.

The fiery moment leaping upward flies
to where the air arches, shining with life
and beyond life and time to creation,
circles back and around again, again.


From the Quote Box, Part II

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If I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior. – Henry David Thoreau

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