TGIBTF and a brief local sighting, or two.

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Today was Thank God It’s Bow Tie Friday! and I was ready.

Here’s the resident Watch Spider looking back at me when I checked the mail tonight. Just previous to this, I’d had a rare and welcome sighting of that rara avis, Gail M. Burns, in New Lebanon for an evening of theatre.

Mailbox Watch Spider

Milestones of the web variety

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This popped up in my WordPress window the other day and I, being long on the web, captured the moment to blog about it.


News Flash from Brainard

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This spider moves into my mailbox (sorry Mail Person) in celebration of Hugh’s new employment! Grats Hugh! Grats spider!

Spider for Hugh

The Day We Stepped Onto The Moon

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It’s a good day to remember all the astronauts and how they made us know it was possible to do things beyond what was possible yesterday. I’ve been hearing bits of their stories over the last week but it’s important that we tell our stories too, and why that moment we were all together waiting to take that step into the impossible.

cry salty earth tears
remembering the day men
touched foot on the moon.

haiku winkatthemoon remembering

I wasn’t expecting

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An intermission!


Nobody expects the bloody intermission!

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