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Days Off

Yesterday Mom and I toodled around a bit. I wanted to wander around in the little corner of Boscov’s where they have really basic shirts and stuff, always for pretty cheap. Mom found a sweatshirt type jacket in a pretty … Continue reading

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How much stuff can your brain do?

I’m becoming convinced that quilting and the figuring and measuring and all that I’m doing in this part of it, knocks out whatever words might have come out of my brain. Getting anything down for today’s August Postcard Poetry Fest … Continue reading

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Increasing Your Vocabulary

Read the NYTimes, learn the occasional new word: Continue reading

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Things You Look Up That Make You Go Hmmm…

Researching heraldry and a few other symbols and keep running into “mullet” which is described usually as a pierced star. The following from Wikipedia: In heraldry, the term star may refer to any star-shaped charge with any number of rays, … Continue reading

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Gone, continued

Fortinbras, knee deep in Danes, lived happily ever after. • Hamlet Hamlet ain’t it gory, Continue reading

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