Looking ahead to August

No doubt in August I’ll be frantically trying to finish this current quilt but what the heck, I signed up for the August Poetry Postcard Fest.

The August Poetry Postcard Fest was initiated in 2007 by poets Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers. On or about July 27 each year, participating poets write three original poems directly (1st take) onto postcards to the three names below them on the list. On August 1 poets then write one poem on a card a day to each person below those three on the list until the end of the month, ideally incorporating themes or motifs from cards they have received.

Examples are given about responding to others’ poems or ideas that you receive via postcards or working within a theme or using the pictures of the postcards themselves, so the possibilities are pretty broad. The prospect of creating each poem on the postcards directly seems a bit daunting but sounds like an interesting challenge. One poems a day after the first three, so maybe also an exercise in pondering and then getting down the words.

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