Day Five NaPoWriMo

Spent a bit of this morning reading Mary Oliver, about meter and line and form and why iambic pentameter and all. Went off to Mom’s to prepare my salad and help put all the veggies together and get everything up to our family dinner. Ooops, what about the NaPoWriMo du jour? Came home quite late and without an idea and don’t you know the first line that came to me – iambic pentameter… well that’s nice and soon there was a sonnet-like thing forming and then… stuck at the end. But oh well, it’s a good start and Mary would be proud that I stuck it out and used my reading for practice.

Even while walking between shade and dreams
there came the sweetest elvish song to ear
‘tween the blackest trees and whitest moon beams
in still evening the fairest words and dear.
although the world was dark with night’s own sleep
nor eyes beholding aught til morning light
the song so gently filled the heart’s strong keep
and loosed the soul to take an hour’s flight
So heavy head which burdened was lay down
rests easy on the pillows now til morn
uncomplicated smile replacing frown
upon the face now calm and less forlorn.
keep the strength of sleep’s forgotten dreamings
elvish music steeped in midnight’s gleamings

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4 Responses to Day Five NaPoWriMo

  1. Betty says:

    This is wonderful. Was written after we got home? I set up awhile settling down.
    Once I went in I slept pretty good. Must of helped you write.

  2. Daleah says:

    This is lovely, Mary Beth.

  3. AJ says:

    Lilting in the way of elvish song and dreams. Mind pictures of place and mood and melody shapes. More, please.

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