The Change of View

Warez MB? you might be asking yourself.

I’ve been working and working and trying to be good and in a moment, bought tickets to the showing of the Extended Edition of The Hobbit in IMAX over three nights.

I went a little curious about what would have been added or changed and thinking it would probably be a long time before I saw it on a large screen again. The movies, two parts so far, didn’t disappoint at all. I had the same single criticism about the birds and butterflies/moths – of all things Jackson needed a better advisor for it was this. His birds and butterflies and moths are so unrealistic in how they move and fly. So bizarre and distracting.

Be that as it may, I was not prepared for my reaction to the movies every time the landscape changed. My neighbors might have wondered why I kept covering my mouth, it was to stifle the gasps of recognition at the beautiful country that is New Zealand. And, having been to Hobbiton and walked the paths and peeked into the yards and seen the party tree and the pub, seeing Bilbo run out of it towards his adventure was a different experience altogether.

The mountains, the waterfalls, the lakes, the golden plains ringed in by pointy ranges of snow-covered mountains… I felt like I’d just recently been there. Oh wait – that’s because I was! Maybe I didn’t see any actual orcs or hobbits while I was there but I did see the world where Peter Jackson put them.

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  1. betty frezon says:

    Sounds like you could have jumped into the movie and been right at home. Such excitement. Glad you got to see them and enjoy the memories.

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