A Pleasant Surprise

Today I bought a few doodads for this new MacBook Pro’s USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports. The ethernet adaptor – just feel like if it’s only rarely useful I’m ok with it. The SD card adaptor – will get used a lot. A tiny SSD drive with a LOT of space which let me take off all the current photos that had gotten moved from the other MBP and feel like I got a fresh start. Not really of course but I’m still good with it.

The cable on that tiny SSD drive turned out to be exactly the one I’d wondered if I could get for my more traditional Time Machine drive for this machine! So that was a happy bonus. One cable to rule them all.

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  1. AJ says:

    Do you save photos and such locally or do you use iCloud at all? I’m conflicted. I’ve started to use iCloud, but feel vulnerable and less in control. Thoughts?

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