Today, FedEx came early

Just as I was getting into my car this morning, the FedEx truck pulled up and the nice young man gave me my two boxes from Dick Blick. Whoa. Big flat box with some big paper, some watercolor artist board (watercolor paper mounted on board I guess) a couple of collapsible water holders, and a new watercolor palette that I gave in to, and empty pans to go with it. Now what? Have to decide what colors go in what size pans etc etc. That center section comes out altogether and some people just fill up that area with half pans, anchoring them with magnets or sticky stuff of some kind.

And now a moment of gratitude for people who post watercolor videos without the looped music that came with iMovie. Thank you.

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One Response to Today, FedEx came early

  1. Betty says:

    This all looks like great fun. Now with your new bigger box more fun. Enjoy.

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