NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty-nine

There was a lot of this “No one could have known…” floating around yesterday as a meme, but mine took a different path.

No one could have known that a childhood and
all could have landed past middle-age in
a red-hot moment and without any fuss.
No one could have known that after romance
and the pain and the trying to make it work
that love can end and life goes on anyway
No one could have known that regret is real
regret is real and forgiveness so hard
to forgive the past harder, to let go
No one could have known that forgiveness
is sometimes just accepting the facts
and cutting loose the pain, being free
No one could have known that all lessons done
leave plenty of room for more lessons to come.

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One Response to NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty-nine

  1. AJ says:

    That kind of love can and does end,
    too often, for many reasons.
    Regret is real regret;
    experience teaches, though.
    Let go of that which doesn’t make the cut.
    Forgive and accept, maybe opposites;
    maybe just the way. It is.
    Pain free,
    court the lessons and the learning,.

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