Friday Night Excitement

There I was, writing a too-long poem for August Poetry Postcard and… a bat appears.

Let me just say, I moved pretty darn fast. Locked myself in the bathroom while I tried to figure out what to do, having no cast iron skillet handy (family legend) When I’d put on shoes and steeled myself I opened the door and contained it and escorted it without further incident to the great outdoors. Hope it’s gone in the morning. Only hurt myself a little in the process of vacating the bedroom LOL.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the too-long poem or just write a short bat one LOL.

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One Response to Friday Night Excitement

  1. Mom Betty Frezon says:

    Love that you tackled the prospect of what to do. Was the bat in the bathroom or only you.
    Did my camp bat come to mind. That bat I took a towel to. It disappeared. Searched could not find it. Knew I hit it. Mike and Peg were at the lake. After he got home called to tell me. He found the bat. In their dirty clothes bag. He put it through his wash.

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