Where that Experiment Ended Up

Remember me messing around with clouds with a splash of gouache?

I finally scanned the end result wherein I filled in the land area and then made it darker.

In reality though my life is all about these two little monsters. Still no names. And for the record… multicolor cats don’t need a splotch of graphite gray paint on their little cheeks… I’m looking at you little girl kitten…

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One Response to Where that Experiment Ended Up

  1. Audrey Gorman says:

    Clouds and kittens. No-name kittens? What are the possibilities, if any, besides Hellfire and Brimstone? Queenie and Stripe? Graphite and Grey? (We had a well-loved, stray tabby named Grey. He was a beautiful soul, and a very proud man, reticent, smart, and knew when we would be trustworthy. He came to us when he was injured because he knew.) Maude and ??. Banshee and Pooka?

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