These are some of the haiku I have tweeted, starting in April 2011 during National Poetry Month.

If you want to browse through haiku posted in the blog itself you can do that here.

The gnomes did nothing to help
with my hand sewing
No bonbons for them

quilts are like children
you apply to send them off
and hope they get in

Red hats lean closer
Examining my toys. Mine!
They scurry away.

Two more little gnomes
Appear on my cutting board.
What are they plotting?

Day twenty writing
poems of varied themes and types
This brain’s really fried.

Purry furry cats
Sleeping off the afternoon
Will dinner wake them?

Short Artist Bio 25 words or less (with alternate ending)

A machine quilter,
Herder of cats, love fruitcake,
Upstate New Yorker.
(alternative ending: Writer of Haiku)

Brief Quilt Narrative, 75 words or less, in two parts

Cotton and silk bits
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
All-cotton batting.

Count each day’s passing
Throw your thoughts into a pool
Keep still and keep watch.

Under the red cap:
Some glue? Velcro? Pointy head?
What keeps gnome caps on?

Gnomes, green hat and red
Watching me from the corners
The cats watching them.

Today the topics
Elude me, like totally.
So haiku it is.

How many small squares?
The gnome totes up each bobbin,
Makes a note and nods.

Just after dinner,
poetry assignments done.
quilting and haiku.

Break from the machine
And all the thread and quilting
Ice cream and coffee.

Two small gnomes live here
If only the cats could tell
Of their gnomish days.

With a sleight of hat
The little gnome (never mine)
went, came, had done what?

He has cute going
And the darling big red hat
But he does not clean.

Feed dogs up? What up?
That’s not my style. Who did this?
I blame the damn gnomes.

Freeform verse is nice
Random meter and no rhyme
Haiku, a mere frame

A small black kitten
Curls around my feet and legs
Soft head, ears, eyes, purr.

Just before midnight
waiting for tomorrow’s prompt
to trigger new poems.

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